About Us

A Passion for Mid-Century Modern

Susan and Wolfgang Hofherr founded Authentic Provence in 1998 with AP Mid Century Modern opening in 2015. Speaking six languages has allowed them to nurture old and new, international vendor and client relationships. Wolfgang has over 45 years in the antique business and believes “you can only learn this profession by having many pieces going through your hands.” In addition to searching the European countryside for antiques together, the couple renovates gardens and historic chalets in romantic locations across the globe.

After a journey of many years to realize a location in which we house all of our collections, we invite you visit our new AP Mid Century Modern and Authentic Provence Showrooms in West Palm Beach, Florida to explore our diverse offerings, accumulated from decades of extensive studies, knowledge, and travel. We offer interior designers an exceptional resource, with one of the finest collections of European antiques and vintage Mid Century Modern furniture from the 1940s, 1950s, and 1960s available in the United States.

The AP Mid Century Modern gallery offers methodically acquired French, Italian, and Scandinavian Mid-Century Modern that have been individually selected with Wolfgang’s depth of expertise for their masterful compositions and position within an important collection by the makers who defined that period. Our inventory features original pieces of acclaimed designers such as Vladimir Kagan, Gio Ponti, Guillerme et Chambron, and Max Ingrand, to highlight a few names. We showcase these exceptional pieces in juxtaposition to lighting, art and collected objects from lesser-known craftsmen and artists of the period to create a visually exciting and inspiring dialogue.